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Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG - The easy way of compaction control

The dynamic plate load test employing the Light Drop Weight Tester is used to determine the soil bearing capacity and compaction quality of soils and non-cohesive subbases, as well as for soil improvement applications. Built-in soil layers can easily be tested without load abutment, facilitating quick assessments of test lots even under limited space conditions. The test method is suited for coarse-grain and mixed grain soils having a maximum grain size of 63mm and can be used to determine the dynamic modulus of deformation of soil in the range Evd = 15...70 MN/m².

Falling Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG in road construction (ASTM E2835-11)


  • Road and railway construction, earth moving
  • Quality assurance in canal construction
  • Compaction monitoring in pipe trenches and cable ducts
  • Testing of pavement bedding
  • Testing of foundation backfill
  • Quality inspection in boreholes
  • Testing of modulus of deformation in line with soil exploration

Intra-company monitoring saves costs!

Being easy to handle and providing immediate measuring results, the HMP Light Drop-Weight Tester is especially suited for monitoring intra-company operations. It facilitates quick decisions for continuing construction at the site. The documentation can directly at the site be printed via the thermal printer or as a protocol printout after transferring and processing the data on PC.

This way to try out the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFGpro!