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Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG according to ASTM E2835-21

At home in Magdeburg - globally active

The Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG makes it possible to quickly determine, in an uncomplicated manner, the soil bearing capacity and compaction quality of soils, non-cohesive sub-bases, and pavement improvements. The dynamic plate load tester is described in the Engineering Code for Soil and Rock in Road Construction. The principle of this was developed as early as 1982 in the company preceding the HMP GmbH and has been optimised continuously since that time.

HMP LFG - Light Drop Weight Tester (ASTM E2835-11, E2583-07)In this way testing inbuilt soil layers can be carried out very quickly and without requiring a vehicle, which means it is also suitable for sites that are difficult to access. The machine is used in many areas - in road construction, railway engineering and earthworks, for quality protection in canal construction and utility trenches, and in the examination of roadbeds and foundation fillings.

Due to the easy handling and the immediately available measurement results, the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG is especially suitable for in-house self-monitoring.

The HMP LFG is convincing with its specially thought out construction and ergonomic design. It can be transported and operated easily by only one person. The transportation lock on the drop weight ensures safety.

The load plate is equipped with practical handgrips, and the bubble level helps with the exact alignment of the loading mechanism. Despite this precision, the Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) is very robust and long-lived: it is made using only the very best of materials. Naturally, the measurement device is splash proof and can be used in all weather conditions.

Measuring is uncomplicated and can be carried out in only two minutes.

Position the machine and connect it with the measurement device. Switch the machine on, and the measurement process begins after the ground has been pre-compacted. In this process, three consecutive compressions are being carried out. The HMP LFG menu is structured well and so can be used intuitively. After each compression, the display shows the settlement in mm. After a series of measurements has finished, it shows the average value of the settlement, the dynamic deflection module, and the path to speed ratio. In order to simplify the analysis, the respective date, time, and a running number automatically complete the dataset. There is a choice of ten languages.

Printer for the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG, printout with measuring curveThe measurement values can be printed out and analysed even on the construction site. The print-out contains the following data: the current date and time,the settlements, the settlement rates, its average value, the dynamic deformation modulus Evd, the path-to-speed ratio and the settlement curve.

The measurement series can be easily transferred to a PC, thereby enabling you to produce detailed protocols about the individual measuring points. Software specially developed by HMP enables you to save the data in a database with practical search and editing possibilities.

NEW - HMPtransfer App  and  HMPreport software

HMPtransfer APP - easy data transfer of the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG to smartphone, tablet or PCExport your measured data via USB, Bluetooth (HMPtransfer App) directly into the Cloud or to your PC for archiving and further processing. Protocols can already be prepared in the office, while you are still on the construction site.

Use the web-based evaluation software HMPreport, in order to create professional protocols for each measuring point including your logo and contact details – wherever and whenever you want. Work with the data from the Cloud or from your PC. The Software also enables you to store the data in a database with comfortable search- and editing options.

Production of the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG Magdeburger Prüfgerätebau GmbH is a recognised calibration institute authorised by the Federal Highway Research Institute, guaranteeing its customers constantly high accuracy of measurement.

Place your trust in our engineers' decades of experience in the development, production, and optimisation of the light drop weight tester HMP LFG.


High precision, best quality, and perfect service - that is Magdeburger Prüfgerätebau GmbH - HMP.

History of the Light Wight Deflectometer HMP LFG

The in-house research- and development department and the cooperation with renowned institutes, f. e. the Fraunhofer Institute Magdeburg guarantee the constant further development of our devices. More than 30 years of experience and a certified service department with calibration institute ensure you an All-round service and an operational readiness of your device for years!

HMP - certified calibration institute – authorized by the Federal Highway Research Institute

BaSt - certified since ′2004

More than 30 years of advancement and manufacturing at HMP using state-of-the-art technology guarantee best possible reliability and accuracy of the device. Since August, 16th, 2004 the company is authorised calibration institute for the Light Weight Deflectometer acc. to TP BF-StB part 8.3.

BASt - Federal Highway Research Institute

HMP - certified calibration institute – authorized by the Federal Highway Research Institute

Recertification of HMP as a calibration institute for the Light Weight Deflectometer 01/2021

HMP LFG - Made in Germany, HMP - TUEV-certified                        HMP Guarantee