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Test regulations for the Dynamic Plate Load Test

The HMP LFG complies with the standards for its usage according to German and International regulations. Detailed correlations to other test methods ensure the compatibility.



TP BF-StB B 8.3 issue 2012

The Engineering Code for Soil and Rock in
Road Construction

ZTV E-StB 2017

German additional terms of contract and rules for earthwork in road construction

ZTV T-StB 95/02

German additional terms of contract and rules for subbases in earthwork

ZTV A-StB 12

German additional terms of contract and rules for excavation in traffic access

RIL 836, Deutsche Bahn AG (NGT39)

Guideline for the use of the Light Weight Deflectometer in railway construction

ASTM E2835-21 (2021)

Standard Test Method for Measuring Deflections using a Portable Impulse Plate Load Test Device

Q258A 2021

Dynamic modulus of deformation – light falling weight device – accelerometer type

RVS 08.03.04  March 2008

compaction control by means of dynamic plate load test

UNE 103807-2:2021

Plate loading test of soils by means of dynamic plate. Part 2: Rigid plate, diameter 2r=300 mm, Method 2

TB 10102-2010,  J 1135-2010

Standard for soil testing in railway construction

Czech Republic
ČSN 736192 - 1996

Impact load tests for road surfaces and subsurfaces