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Advantages of the Dynamic Plate Load Testing

.Fast and cost-savingdynamic plate load test by means of the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG, railway and canal construction

  • quick examination  – only 2 minutes per measuring point
  • measurement result immediately available
  • documentation directly at the site
  • no vehicle as counterweight necessary

Easy to use

  • low tare weight, ergonomic design
  • can easily be operated by one person
  • testing even in difficult-to-reach places
  • intuitive menu navigation
  • automatic storage, evaluation and archiving
  • detailed correlations to other test methods exist

Reliable and precise

  • manufactured according to newest technical standards
  • precise, robust, durable
  • calibrated by approved calibration institute
  • in use all over the world for more than 30 years

advanges of quality assurance in road construction and civil engineering with the HMP LFG

Advantages of quality assurance in road construction and civil engineering with the HMP LFG

  • proof of quality assurance reliably documented
  • cost saving through efficient self-monitoring
    e.g. avoidance of unnecessary compression works, saving of material
  • cost saving by defending warranty claims
    e.g. in landscaping for paving works of a surface, prepared by the contracto
  • time saving - the person responsible on site can decide immediately on the continuation of the construction project
  • higher quality of construction works through targeted management and control of compaction work


The goal - maximum quality and efficiency for building activities 

roadworks - fast compaction testing, HMP LFG, compaction

dynamiv plate load test - advantages, evaluation, compaction, quality assurance, bearing captivity

HMP LFG - determine the bearing capacity and compaction quality of soils and non-cohesive subbases fast and precisely

The efficiency of a building activity depends essentially on its duration. 
Quality and efficiency of building activities can be improved by means of quality control with suitable testing methods.

Result > Lower costs with reliable quality

Time factor

By using a fast and precise in situ solution, immediately at the site a decision about further actions can be taken.

In case that the measured values meet the requirements, the works can be continued. 

And if the requirements are not fulfilled, it is immediately possible to introduce measures for improvement.


Conventional laboratory procedures are very time-consuming and because of their low quantity they only have a spot-check character. 

By means of a rapid test method in situ, within a very short time a lot of tests can be made. And as a result a comprehensive quality assurance at the site is possible. 

Extensive correlations ensure the comparability with the laboratory procedures.

Foundation - advantages of good compaction

Compaction - foundation of buildings Compaction - foundation of roads

„A building is only as good as the foundation on which it built.“

„Any road is only as good as its substructure.“

Ensuring that the soils load-bearing capabilities are sufficient for the loads generated by the building therefore forms the first step of any construction project.


What is soil compaction?

Soil consists mainly of solids (soil) and a certain percentage of voids – which can be filled either with air or water.

During the compaction the soil particles will be repositioned in such a way as to obtain a maximum reduction of the voids.

Why soil compaction? 

Excavation and leveling loosen the soil.  The soil increases in volume and its volumetric weight (density) falls.

As a subgrade or substructure the soil must be placed in layers and mechanically compacted.

Results and benefits of optimal compaction

  • Increases the load bearing capacity of a soil
  • Prevents soil settlements
  • Reduces the swelling and shrinkage of soil
  • Reduces the degree of water seepage through the soil
  • Reduces water pockets in the soil (water filled voids)

Soil - uncompacted vs. compacted

optimal compaction of soils, falling plate, plate load test

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