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HMP LFGpro - display memory of measured data - select a measurment serie

Select the single measurement series & scroll through their details, as curve and GPS data.

Dynamic plate load test - print out the measuring result directly on site

Document the measuring results directly on site by means of thermal printer.

Print out

HMP LFG - export the measuring data into the cloud and process them from there


Transfer the measured values directly via Bluetooth to your smart phone and from there using the HMPtransfer App into the cloud to be processed then by the web-based software HMPreport.

While you are still at the construction site, the data can already be analyzed and further processed at the office.

HMP LFG - create protocols on your smartphone and send them immediately

Or, by using your smart phone on site, you simply add missing information to the protocol and send it to whom you want as PDF.

Apple App Store - HMPtransfer App download for freeHMPtransfer App - download for free     HMPreport - Try now for free!HMPtransfer - get more information

HMPreport software

Use the web-based evaluation software HMPreport, in order to create professional protocols for each measuring point including your logo and contact details – wherever and whenever you want.

Work with the data from the Cloud or from your PC. The Software also enables you to store the data in a database with comfortable search- and editing options.

HMPreport - Try now for free!HMPreport - Try now for free!    HMPreport - get more informationHMPreport - get more information

HMP LFG - software HMPkurv - create protocols, evaluation of the dynamic plate load test

Measurement series can also be transferred conveniently for further processing and archiving using a USB stick or cable to your PC  to create detailed protocols for each measuring point.

The PC-software HMPkurv enables you to store the data in a database with comfortable search- and editing options.

HMPkurv > Look at the protocol

HMP LFG - Dynamic plate load test - regulations, standards TP BF-StB B 8.3 ASTM E2835-11 ZTV E-StB 09

The HMP LFG complies with the standards for its usage according to German and International regulations.

Detailed correlations to other test methods ensure the compatibility.

HMP LFG - example for interpretation of the measured values

HMP LFG - dynamic plate load test - interpretation of the measured values

series of measurements which have not yet reached an optimum compaction

(the settlements become lower after each impact => recompaction possible)

S1= 0,541 mm
S2= 0,493 mm
S3= 0,468 mm

Sm= 0,501 mm
Evd= 44,94 MN/m²

In order to determine the still possible compaction in that case, the weight can be dropped additional 10 times at the same place (carrying out compaction work) and afterwards a regular measurement can be performed.

This should normally then look as follows:

S1= 0,459 mm
S2= 0,447 mm
S3= 0,442 mm

Sm= 0,449 mm
Evd= 50,07 MN/m²

At a measurement series with optimum compaction, the settlements are not more than 2 - 3 hundredths of a millimeter apart.

The goal - maximum quality and efficiency for building activities 

roadworks - fast compaction testing, HMP LFG, compaction

dynamiv plate load test - advantages, evaluation, compaction, quality assurance, bearing captivity

HMP LFG - determine the bearing capacity and compaction quality of soils and non-cohesive subbases fast and precisely

The efficiency of a building activity depends essentially on its duration. 
Quality and efficiency of building activities can be improved by means of quality control with suitable testing methods.

Result > Lower costs with reliable quality

Time factor

By using a fast and precise in situ solution, immediately at the site a decision about further actions can be taken.

In case that the measured values meet the requirements, the works can be continued. 

And if the requirements are not fulfilled, it is immediately possible to introduce measures for improvement.


Conventional laboratory procedures are very time-consuming and because of their low quantity they only have a spot-check character. 

By means of a rapid test method in situ, within a very short time a lot of tests can be made. And as a result a comprehensive quality assurance at the site is possible. 

Extensive correlations ensure the comparability with the laboratory procedures.

download prospectus HMP LFG  HMP LFG prospectus - download       play Video HMP LFGHave a look at the video.