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By means of the Static Plate Load Tester HMP PDGpro immediately after test procedure the deformability and the load capacity of the soil as well as the quality of the construction work can be assessed and documented on the construction site.

To carry out the test a counterweight of at least 5 t is required. Set up and test procedure can be done by one person. The handling of the measuring instrument is comfortable and very user-friendly. Faulty measurements are almost impossible when handled properly.

The pure test procedure according to DIN 18134 with 15 loading stages takes about 30 minutes and allows immediate conclusions on the load capacity and deformability of soils down to the depth of twice of the load plate diameter. By specifying the GPS coordinates, the measuring point is recorded.

HMP PDGpro Static Plate Load Tester - components


The Static Plate Load Tester HMP PDGpro is a high-precision measuring instrument for professionals
and yet designed robust and user-friendly... used worldwide for over 20 years.

The measuring frame and all accessories can be safely stored within the massive carrying cases. Due to latest technology, the evaluation unit is small, handy, unbeatably easy and comfortable to use. The measuring device is of course splash-water proof to work even under bad weather conditions. All parts of the tester are also surface sealed.

HMP PDG easily retrofittable for alle Plate Load Tester

Measuring instrument HMP PDGpro in hand


Bright red measuring frame

  • fast set up and safe position
  • user friendly in design and functionality

Automatic evaluation unit

  • latest, high-precision measuring technology, safely packed, splash-proof and ready for use even in adverse weather conditions
  • intuitive menu navigation
  • stored table of nominal values
  • automatic logging and evaluation of force and path
  • comprehensive language selection and individual adjustment options
  • USB for comfortable data transfer
  • GPS for localisation of measuring point
  • interface for printer and PC

Reliable and precise

  • manufactured according to the latest technical standards
  • precise, robust, long-lasting
  • calibrated on certified calibration point
  • worldwide in use for over 20 years thousandfold

New user?

No problem, the movie on the supplied USB stick explains the test procedure within a few minutes - always available and quickly retrievable.


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