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What our african customers say:

Mali - Use of HMP PDG in road construction on behalf of the United Nations

West Africa - On behalf of the German Federal Armed Forces, which is currently located in Mali as part of a UN peace-keeping operation, the Static Plate Load Tester HMP PDG is used for assessing the deformability and bearing capacity of soils in road construction. For substructure they traditionally use laterite. Laterite is a frequently occurring surface product, which results from intensive and long-lasting weathering of the underlying rocks.

Mali, West Africa, Static Plate Load Tester HMP PDG, road construction, bearing capacity of laterite in substructure

Somaliland - municipal water authority relies on HMP LFGpro during construction works

In the capital of Somaliland, the northern part of Somalia, live more than 500,000 people. In order to supply the growing population with sufficient drinking water, they are currently working intensively on the expansion of pipes for modernisation of the municipal water supply.

Easy handling and quick procedure, even under very confined site conditions, inspire users here. The municipal water authority saves huge costs by using the Light Weight Deflectometer, because construction progress accelerates, but also subsequent settlement damages will be avoided.

Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG for compaction control and bearing capacity in Somalia, Somaliland - Hargeisa/ Hargeysa

Somaliland, Hargeisa - municipal water authority relies on HMP LFGpro for pipeline construction

Senegal, Dakar - dynamic plate load tests by means of Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG

Senegal, Dakar - dynamic plate load tests by means of Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG

Senegal, Dakar - dynamic plate load tests by means of Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG

Dakar - SENEGAL - HMP LFG withstands toughest weather conditions

Whereas the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG is used for quality assurance in railway-, road-, canal- and soil construction already in North-, East- and South Africa, now also in Westafrica they are involved in this fast and non-destructive test method in order to determine the compaction or bearing capacity of soils and base layers - the dynamic plate load test.

At the moment our local partners in Dakar test the handling of the HMP LFG in a road examination laboratory and familiarize themselves with the simple and quick operation.

The robust construction and the therefore used resistant materials protect the tester optimally from dust, dirt and heat. In the laboratory and also directly on constructions sites correlations to existing test methods are now being determined in order to save time and money in quality assurance by means of this new method and also to improve the construction works and to make it more transparent.

Ethiopia- test equipment from HMP accelerates railway construction

10 more dynamic and static plate load tester HMP LFG and HMP PDG will leave our warehouse in direction to Ethiopia.

This test equipment is urgently needed in order to push forward quickly the expansion of the railway line between Djibouti and Addis Ababa (so far the only railway line in Ethiopia).
It was only in April 2014 when 30 devices were requested, in order to meet the ambitious target of the Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC) on time.

On the whole a total of 5000 kilometres of new railway lines shall be constructed.According to the national five-year-plan for the period from 2010 to 2015: at first 2395 kilometres of new railway lines have to be constructed in order to combine 49 towns.


Final check of delivery by HMP to Ethiopia

Ethiopia- test equipment from HMP accelerates railway construction

Algeria - HMP PDG in Road construction

ALGERIA - HMP PDG on construction sites

Algeria is the second largest country in Africa and currently benefits from an economic boom. This was the reason for the North Africans to invest in the development of their infrastructure.

The largest project is the "Transmaghrébine", a highway of more than 1200 km length, an almost complete 3-lane route parallel to the Mediterranean coast. It is the Algerian part of a North African traffic artery, which will connect Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.


The Nigerian government as well as national and international investors support the expansion of the road and rail network in the country. Nigeria is considered the most accessible country for transport in sub-Saharan Africa.

Almost 90 % of goods and passenger traffic still travels by road. To relieve this, the outdated rail network is currently being modernised and expanded.

The Lagos-Calabar railway line is being built with Chinese investment. Light drop-weight tester HMP LFG are also being used here for quality assurance.

2010 Nigeria HMP LFG Light weight deflectometer for soil bearing capacity test