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What our australian and new zealand customers say:

Airport expansion in Australia

We received a great shot from the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFGpro at the airport construction site in northern Australia - Thanks Daniel HIQA!

Airport construction site in Australia - HMP LFG in action!

HMP LFG - Compaction tests in New Zealand

HMP LFG LWD - New Zealand - compaction test

We are pleased to hear that the comparative measurements have shown that the degree of compaction can be tested much more easily, quickly an more accurate with the HMP LFG Light Weight Deflectometer than with a nuclear density gauge.

Test area: Durham Property Investments Ltd, Omokoroa
Part of the site has been built up about 25 meters with fill and other areas still virgin clay.

Many thanks - Mr. Richard Pettigrew from RJP CONTRACTING - for the information and photos of the construction site!