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What our American customers say:

HMP LFG - Compaction tests in New Zealand

Many thanks - Mr. Richard Pettigrew from RJP CONTRACTING - for the information and photos of the construction site!

HMP LFG LWD - New Zealand - compaction test

We are pleased to hear that the comparative measurements have shown that the degree of compaction can be tested much more easily, quickly an more accurate with the HMP LFG Light Weight Deflectometer than with a nuclear density gauge.

Test area: Durham Property Investments Ltd, Omokoroa
Part of the site has been built up about 25 meters with fill and other areas still virgin clay.

Nos complace que las mediciones comparativas hayan demostrado que el grado de compactación puede comprobarse de forma mucho más fácil, rápida y precisa con el equipo ligero de impacto HMP LFG que con los métodos de medición nuclear (sonda isotópica, sonda Troxler).
Zona de pruebas: urbanización, Omokoroa
Una parte del emplazamiento está construida con relleno a lo largo de unos 25 metros, mientras que otras zonas son de arcilla virgen.

Construction of the largest solar plant in the west of EL SALVADOR

More than 60% of the energy generated in El Salvador already comes from clean and renewable sources. With the "Acajutla Power Plant" project, which is the construction of the largest solar plant in the west of El Salvador, the volume of solar plants currently under construction will now be significantly increased once again.

Here, too, the Light Weight Deflectometer is being used to test the load-bearing capacity and compaction quality of installed soil layers. Dynamic plate load tests with the HMP LFG are fast, precise and reliable and thus contribute to rapid construction progress.

Many thanks - Edwin Calix (CONSTRUEQUIPOS S.A DE S.V, San Miguel, El Salvador) - for the photos from the construction site!

2021-01 El Salvador, Acajutla Power Plant - Measurement of compaction, dynamic plate load tester HMP LFG

HMP PDGpro - use in BOLIVIA

Also in Bolivia, Potosí, static plate pressure tests are being carried out with the HMP PDGpro to determine the deformation / load capacity of soils.

Many thanks - Msc. Ing. Ronald Sardinas Cuiza - for the photos from the construction site!

HMP PDGpro, Bolivia - Static Plate Load Tester

2016 Mexico, San Luis Potosi Static Plate Load Tester HMP PDG in use for BMW Group - new production facility


The BMW Group relies on the quality of HMP. With the construction of a new modern plant in San Luis Potosí, BMW AG wants to create a balance between production and sales in the different regions of the world.

The Mexican production facility is built on a solid foundation, as BMW is testing the compaction work with the HMP LFG Light Weight Defflectometers and the HMP PDG Static Plate Load Tester.

GUATEMALA - test equipment from HMP make bridges safer

Dynamic plate load tests are also performed in Guatemala in order to measure quickly the compaction quality as well as the bearing capacity of the foundation material.
Here it is tested, if the filled ground of the bridge bearing is really safe.

Guatemala is the most populous state in Central America in the south of the Yucatan peninsula.
All important cities are connected by paved roads.
 From approximately 15.000 km long road network, altogether only 30 percent are paved! In October 2007 the last train rode. Since then, all shipments are handled by trucks or buses and an expansion of the road network more urgently pushed.

Guatemala - Is the filled ground of the bridge bearing sufficiently compacted?

Chile - quality assurance by means of the HMP LFG, construction of the new soccer stadium in Valparaiso


Also here, in constructing the new soccer stadium in Valparaiso (Chile), the bearing capacity of the already flattened access is tested by means of the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG for quality assurance.

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"Buenos Dias!" PANAMA!

The HMP LFGpro is used for the extension of the container port Manzanillo International Terminal. The possibilities for further applications are immense, in total more than 11400 km roads shall be reconstructed in Panama.

Ideal conditions to secure a quick and cost-effective quality assurance by means of the Light Weight Deflectometer. The Spanish intuitive menu navigation allows also even inexperienced users immediate error-free measurements.

Currently the Leight Weight Deflectometer HMP LFGpro is used for the extension of the container port Manzanillo International Terminal, Panama, ASTM E2835-1