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Success through teamwork

Please contact us. Our office hours are (Central European Time):

Mo.-Thu.  7:00 (a.m.) to 4 (p.m.)
Fr.             7:00 (a.m.) to 3 (p.m.)

 Tel.: +49 391 2514666 
Fax: +49 391 2514668


  Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Klaus Hennings
Company´s founder
  Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Gunnar Hennings
Managing Director
  Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Christine Hennings
ppa., Sales Manager
Skadi Hennings
Hartmut Leue
Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Stefan Kanter
Sales/Export Manager
  Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Kirstin Wild
Sabine Zander

  Bachelor of Business (CCI)
Andrea Bluszis
  Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Sylvia Hietschold
  Mechatronic Engineer, Master of Electrical Engineering
Steffen Stoik
Production Manager

Team activities

September 2019

Fight with the dragon

...this was the hint in the invitation to the HMP team. Only shortly before, the secret was revealed.

In most beautiful summer weather, this time the HMP team met for dragon boating. On the river Elbe, we went upstream until a beaver lodge blocked our way to the moat "Mönchsgraben". After a short break we returned downstream in a relaxed way. Some very courageous even tested their dexterity on SUP boards, whereby not all of them remained dry... Afterwards we sat together to enjoy a cosy barbecue. That was a great afternoon!

HMP team met for dragon boating

HMP team on the river Elbe and at the barbecue buffet :)

May 2019

HMP barbecue - Where the manager still grills by himself!

Not only working together, but also enjoying life together - this is also part of the corporate philosophy of HMP. In the most beautiful summer weather the HMP team met for a barbecue, of course with their partners and children.

Due to individual family recipes, the grill buffet was again especially delicious! And finally, of course, not to forget our traditional raspberry dessert.

HMP barbecue

March 2019

Many thanks for the flowers...

That was a really nice day! Thank you dear men from the HMP team for the sweets and the sparkling wine!

Many thanks to our managing director for the flowers and the invitation! We really enjoyed the dinner and the amusing show at the theater with a lot of laughter!

The HMP women celebrate Women´s Day.

January 2019

The HMP team on black ice ...

Traditionally, the HMP team including family members met on the ice rink in the historic courtyard of the Festung Mark in Magdeburg for curling, mulled wine and hot soup. Thereby we started sporty and happy into the New Year!

HMP team with family at curling

December 2018

God Jul!

The most beautiful presents can not be packed into wrapping paper - love, family, friends, laughter, health, happiness.

This year we celebrated cosy ″Scandinavian Christmas″ within the historic walls of the ″Festung Mark″ in Magdeburg, with delicious Glögg at fire, feast, music, dance and crappy Secret Santa!

2018-12-13 HMP - Scandinavian Christmas in the Festung Mark

September 2018

HMP team - joyride in the Harz

In anticipation of a relaxed paddle tour on the river Bode, the HMP team drove together to Gröningen.

Teamwork and strategy were required. To manoeuvre a canoe is not that easy at first ... especially not when you´re shot at. Our captain had distributed water pistols. The aim was to spray the checkered flags of the opposing paddlers as wet as possible. This task was fulfilled with great pleasure. Nobody remained dry. After the paddle tour we dried ourselves at the barbecue fire and sat comfortably together.

August 2018

Split happens ... HMP bowling night

"Good wood!" was the slogan for our HMP team on August, 15 in the Bowling World Magdeburg.

We congratulate our Strike King Cass Bluszis and our winners Andrea Bluszis, Edmund Budna and Ronny Reche on their victory and us for the successful, funny common evening!

Split happens ... HMP bowling night

February 2018

The HMP team had a lot of fun while curling!

HMP Team Curling

Dezember 2017

The most beautiful gifts...

are not wrappable in wrapping paper - love, family, friends, laughter, health, be happy.

This year we had a wonderful Christmas party within the historic walls of the church Prester in Magdeburg, with delicious mulled wine at open fire, a frosty nice walk, feast and funny Schrottwichteln!

HMP GmbH - So cozy was our Christmas party.

August 2017

27 years HMP GmbH - Cheers to us.

On the occasion of the 27th company anniversary, the HMP team, their partners and children met for a putting tournament. There was a lot of talking and laughing. It became particularly exciting, when the third place had to be determined in a jump-off. A Laola wave for the winner could not be missed.

Afterwards we sat together in a cozy round and enjoyed a meal. Even our youngest guests had a lot of fun.

HMP GmbH - 27th company anniversary

June 2017

HMP team is enjoying the sun

Not only working together, but also enjoying life together - this is also part of the corporate philosophy of HMP. In the most beautiful summer weather the HMP team met for a barbecue, of course with their partners and children.

Sunny greetings from Magdeburg!

HMP Team Barbecue

July 2015

MEEP.MEEP. ROTrunner are also again at the start!

... and run at least away from the coyotes ;)

On July, 09, already, the day approaches. More than 1,000 teams with 5 runners each participate the 7. Magdeburger relay race. The 5 x 3km route leads through the Elbauenpark. The fun is of course in the foreground.

September 2013

Relay run - ROTrunner took part!

2013 Firmenstaffel Magdeburg - HMP Team ROTrunner

At 06:00 pm the start gun sounded for the fifth edition of the company relay in our home town Magdeburg. 5 x 2.5 km was the distance around the Adolf-Mittag-Lake, directly in the heart of Magdeburg. The company relay is THE sporty event of the year and the biggest networking possibility of the region. Each team consists of 5 runners.

This year there were 4000 runners from more than 500 companies.

To be honest, we were not the fastest, but we had a lot of fun!

All finished!

July 2011

3. Magdeburger Relay Race and we are part of this!

For HMP at the start: Hartmut Leue, Dieter Wegener, Christoph Gloße, Gunnar Hennings, Steffen Stoik

June 2010

2. Magdeburger Relay Race and we are part of this!

The HMP ROTRUNNER start at the 2. Magdeburger Relay Race! More than 200 teams from Magdeburg start on June,17th at the relay race in Stadtpark Rotehorn. As soon as the starting signal was given at 7pm, each five-person team has to bring the company baton around the Adolf-Mittag-Lake five times, before the final runner of each team crosses the finish line. Finally an electronic time measurement will decide about the fastest company of the state capital. Keep your fingers crossed for us!