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- an innovative family business with tradition

HMP Magdeburger Prüfgerätebau GmbH, company buildingAt the very heart of Europe, in Magdeburg, the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt, there we find the headquarters of Magdeburger Prüfgerätebau GmbH, in short HMP. The traditional enterprise has been in the family for two generations. The managing shareholders, Klaus and Gunnar Hennings, have deep roots in Magdeburg as well as in engineering test equipment.

The enterprise specialises in new and further development of test equipment for road engineering, civil engineering, and railway construction, and is one of the European market leaders in this field.

HMP GmbH Service, CalibrationIn order to meet its customers' high quality demands, the enterprise was certified under DIN EN ISO 9001 as early as 1999. The continuous quality management guarantees the highest possible product safety.

Thanks to intensive research, carried out in close cooperation with renowned European universities and the Fraunhofer Institute, the enterprise has been able to find and secure a permanent place on the international market. Today, Magdeburger Prüfgerätebau GmbH exports to over 130 all over the world.

HMP GmbH management, research an developmentApart from the production and sale of high quality test equipment, the enterprise specialises in the distribution of laboratory technology. HMP GmbH carries more than 3,000 specialised products, which makes the enterprise a competent partner for engineering offices, construction companies, universities, colleges, and laboratories - HMP test equipment means best quality made in Germany.

Place your trust in our engineers' decades of experience in the development and production of test equipment.

High precision, best quality, and perfect service - that is Magdeburger Prüfgerätebau GmbH - HMP.