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HMP LFG - Light Drop Weight Tester ASTM E2835-11, E2583-07

HMP LFG - Light Weight Deflectometer

according to ASTM E2835-11

The HMP LFG enables the fast and simple determination of the soil bearing capacity and compaction quality of soils, non-cohesive subbases, as well as for soil improvement applications. Being easy to handle and providing immediate measuring results, the HMP Light Drop Weight Tester (LDWT), also known as Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) and Portable Falling Weight Deflectometer (PFWD), is especially suited for monitoring intra-company operations.

Compaction control within 2 minutes - fast, precise, cost saving.

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NEW Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFGpro ASTM E2835-11

Premium HMP LFGpro - Light Weight Deflectometer

according to ASTM E2835-11

unbeatably easy to use, small, portable and precise, with an extra large illuminated display, USB-Port, Bluetooth, GPS and Printer Connection, simplest operation, displaying measuring curve during the measurement, very robust and splashproof.

Simply measure smarter!

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HMP PDG - Das Statische Plattendruckgerät

HMP PDG - The Static Plate Load Tester

according to ASTM D 1194, 1195, 1196, DIN 18134, BS 1377

The Static Plate Load Tester HMP PDG applies in earthworks and foundation engineering as well as road construction. It enables easily to determine the load capacity and the deformability of soils by evaluating load settlement lines and dynamic modulus of deformation of soil Ev1 and Ev2 according to DIN 18134 issue 2012.

The HMP PDG is characterized by a especially considered construction and the attractive design of the measuring rack. Fast build-up and safe hold are guaranteed.

HMP PDGpro - NEW - with USB, GPS, Bluetooth, Software, ASTM D 1194, 1195, 1196, DIN 18134, BS 1377

Premium HMP PDGpro - The Static Plate Load Tester

... newest technology - First choice for professionals!

Now even easier to use, with large graphic display and intuitive menu navigation, USB and Bluetooth for convenient data transfer, GPS for precise localization of the measurement point and Data-Secure & software for faultless automatic evaluation. The load settlement lines are displayed directly in the display.

Easy retrofitting for all Static Plate Load Testers!

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HMP SON - Automatische Auswerteeinheit für Rammsondierungen

HMP SON - Automatic evaluation unit for penetration

Worldwide Innovation!

Probing with electronic data acquisition
... fast, reliable, costs saving

Just forget annoying dotting and time-consuming evaluation! Compile immediately at the site meaningful measuring protocols or revise the data afterwards on PC by using the comfortable evaluation software.

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GPS available for all HMP testers

Of course also older devices are retrofittable - small, handy, universally usable

External GPS-receiver with Bluetooth for capturing the measuring point data for HMP LFG and  HMP PDG, integrated in protective case, incl. car charger, USB cable.

The coordinates are captured fast and exactly, because of newest technology, are transferred to the measuring instrument, are associated to the corresponding test and saved in the device. The measuring results and associated coordinates can be printed out immediately on site or can be transferred for later processing on PC. The graphic representation via Google Earth is free!

Through the optional application of the GPS receiver you are completely free in your decision with which device variation ever you would like to combine it.

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