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Rammsonierung mit pneumatischer Rammsonde und automatischer Auswerteeinheit HMP SON-PPenetrometer are used to determine layer perimeters when testing the subsoil for buildings, bridges, roades and other construction projects. They are also used to review compaction work and fills as well as to check the bedding conditions of incohesive soil. Thereby can be achieved information relatively fast and uncomplicated about the conditions and the loading capacity of the soil.


The electronic measuring instrument HMP SON can be used with all penetrometer according to DIN EN ISO 22476-2 for automatic measurement value logging at the site.


Automatische Auswertung von Rammsondierungen - HMPSON, Protokollder VersuchsdurchführungSave time and costs!

Just forget the annoying dotting and counting - stand out of the crowd with an exact and clear documentation of your test result..