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Just forget annoying dotting and time-consuming evaluation!


Enormous time savings due to automation

  • automatic logging of impacts and corresponding penetration depth
  • automatic evaluation
  • measurement result immediately available at the push of a button
  • documentation directly at the site
  • no more counting, no more tally lists

Reliable and precise

  • fault-resistant measurement
  • objectively more precise, since it is independent of examiner and fatigue-free
  • manufactured according to latest technical
  • precise, robust, durable

Automatic logging - and evaluation unit

  • low tare weight, ergonomic design
  • can be handled easily by one person
  • easily retrofittable
  • easy to assemble
  • intuitive menu navigation
  • GPS to localize the measuring point
  • automatic storage, evaluation and archiving
  • interface for printer and PC

HMP - Guarantee

HMP SONpro - mechanische Rammsondierungen mit automatischer Auswerteeinheit

HMP SONpro - pneumatische Rammsondierung - Auskunft zur Lagerungsdichte der anstehenden Bodenschichten

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