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What our european customers say:

Poland - HMP LFG entered the speedway racing stadium

Speedway racing is very popular in Poland. The Polish league is one of the strongest in Europe, and the best speedway riders in the world are members of Polish speedway clubs. On average, about 8000 spectators visit such a speedway competition in Poland.
The stadium surface for this sport is made of a special mixture called slag. It must be perfectly prepared and well compacted with a roller to ensure the best results and the safety of the riders.
Our partner GEOLAB was contacted by the Speedway Quality Control staff to test our device for their purposes. After the tests, when they were satisfied with the results, they immediately bought their first HMP LFG device.

Quality inspection with HMP LFG in one of the speedway stadiums in Poland - START Gniezno -

LATVIA - comparative measurements of leading laboratories

Organized by company Binders Ltd. the leading Latvian road construction laboratories met for comparative measurements on the motorway A3 near Straupe - including the competence center of the public road construction company "LVC Latvijas Valsts ceļi", which uses Static Plate Load Tester HMP PDG to maintain its quality standards.

Latvia - comparative measurements for quality assurance by means of Static Plate Load Tests - organisation, source, pictures by Binder Ltd.

source/pictures: Binders Ltd.

LITHUANIA - Largest Lithuanian road maintenance company relies on HMP PDG!

Here Static Plate Load Tester from HMP are used for reliable assessment of the deformability and bearing capacity of soils. Our sales manager, Stefan Kanter, together with our Lithuanian distribution partner, carried out a briefing and training of the employees on site.

2019-09 Largest Lithuanian road maintenance company relies on HMP PDG

Kelių priežiūra is the largest Lithuanian road construction- and maintenance company. It works under the direct authority of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania.

The company maintains and manages more than 21,000 km of state significance roads (highways, national and district roads) and has over 1,800 specialized transport and technical facilities. The company′s headquarters with approximately 2,600 employees is located in Kaunas.

MALTA, Valletta

HMP PDG Static Plate Load Tester in use in Malta, Valletta ASTM D1195/1196, BS1377-9, DIN 18134

Building calls for testing! In Valletta, the capital of Malta, this is done with the HMP PDG Static Plate Load Tester. Thanks for the photo Keith!

GREAT BRITAIN - M & H Testing Ltd. UK

The Dynamic Plate test, also known as Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) is an innovative field test designed to determine the dynamic deformation modulus Evd “Stiffness Values” of soils and unbound fill materials such as capping and type 1 sub-base.

The Dynamic Plate of Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) will give instant results in stiffness values or “Evd”. Results can be worked out prior to site departure.

M&H Testing Ltd. UK, LWD HMP LFG4 in use

NORWAY - Using HMP LFG to assess sustainable pavements built with use of local materials

Norway - using HMP LFG to assess sustainable pavements built with use of local materials

Diego Maria Barbieri and Jan Erik Molde

NTNU, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Trondheim, Norway

The “Ferry-free coastal highway route E39” project entails the creation of several long tunnels along the southern Norwegian coast. The tunnelling operations will generate a tremendous quantity of blasted rocks. These could be used in the road unbound layers close to the place of production to provide a sustainable cost-benefit application.

Two different non-traditional additive types are examined to improve the properties of weak rocks: one is polymer-based, the other one is lignin-based. A current investigation is assessing the additives’ performances in a full-size field test situated close to Trondheim, Norway. The Light Weight Deflecttometer HMP LFG is being used to assess the development of dynamic modulus and deformation over time.

 Norway - using HMP LFG - Ferry-free coastal highway route E39 project

HMP PDGpro - quality assurance during construction of Copenhagen metro, DENMARK

The Static Plate Load Tester HMP PDGpro is currently being used in track construction in Copenhagen. The company "DMR Geotechnik" relies on precise testing technology from Magdeburg!

HMP PDGpro - usage in track construction, Metro Copenhagen

In the first three construction phases, among other things the airport and the city development area Ørestad on the island Amager were connected to the city centre of Copenhagen. By means of this city ring the accessibility of the city centre by public transport shall now be increased.

GREAT BRITAIN - Measurement of bearing capacity under the roadway by means of the HMP LFGpro

This really also surprised us! We received this picture from an end user in Great Britain.

In this case a hole was cut into the roadway, in order to measure the bearing capacity of the base layer below the already built-in asphalt pavement by means of the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFGpro.

Great Britain - Measurement of bearing capacity under the roadway by means of the HMP LFGpro

Dynamic plate load tests by using the HMP LFG at the wrist, Belgrad

Both hands free in SERBIA - with the HMP LFG!

You want to check the compression on many measuring points on after another? Then do it like one of our users in Serbia:

With the settlement measuring instrument on his wrist he has both hands free to do the measurement and then to go with his Light Weight Deflectometer to the next measurement point.

Quite simply!

UKRAINIAN Railways trust on HMP!

Our Light Weight Deflectometer has been of fundamental importance for the trouble-free train operations in the host country of the European Championship 2012. The Ukrainian southern railway has planned the expansion of the transport corridor on time. For the first time a 13-ton virbation roller and a HMP LFGpro for internal quality assurance & fast review of achieved compaction were used. Several rail sections were reconstructed, straightened and newly filled. The result speaks for itself - the new Express-Railway sections were completed one month earlier than planned!

Fast measurement of the achieved compaction of backfills in railway construction of the Ukrainian Southern Railways by means of the Dynamic Plate Load Tester HMP LFG