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Devices for fresh- and hardened concrete testing

Shortly you can find here information about testers for concrete construction from our product spectrum:

  • Test cube mould, Triple test cube mould
  • Water storage basin
  • Climate-controlled case
  • Concrete thermometer
  • Grain Shape Caliper
  • Speedy moisture tester
  • Air content tester 1l, 8l
  • Mobile vibration table
  • Flow table according to Graff
  • Propane gas dryer
  • Needle device according to Vicat, manual and automatically
  • Concrete mixer
  • Flow table according to Hägermann
  • Compression and bending device for prisms
  • Air permeability tester according to Blaine
  • Water permeability tester
  • Permeability tester KS1
  • Universal specimen grinders
  • Abrasion device acc. to Böhme
  • Universal compression testing machine
  • Automatic bending tensile test machines
  • Cement / mortar - tester
  • Impact tester of aggregates
  • Zertrümmerung apparatus for aggregates
  • Los-Angeles-cylinder
  • Standard impact device


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