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Tester for soil mechanics

Shortly you can find here information about testers for soil mechanics from our product spectrum:  

  • Automatic Proctor compactor
  • Proctor devices, manual
  • CBR - tester, CBR - Form
  • Static Load Plate Tester HMP PDG
  • Dynamic Load Plate Tester HMP LFG
  • Soil densitometer
  • Soil sampling device
  • Lightweight dynamic penetrometer
  • Pneumatic-operated lightweight penetrometer with automatic evaluation unit HMP SON-P
  • Mechanic penetrometer, with automatic evaluation unit HMP SON-M, fold away
  • Ramming core probe
  • Hydraulically traction equipment, electric hammer
  • Laboratory mixer
  • Devices to determine Atterberg limits
  • Penetrometer with drop bar control
  • Pocket Penetrometer
  • Sand equivalent tester
  • Devices for hydrometer analysis
  • Enslin device according to Neff
  • Calcimeter according to Scheibler
  • Device for impact fork test
  • Air pyknometer


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