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HMP LFG Accessories - additional options

Because of the modular construction of the HMP testing equipment, an upgrade or modification is possible at any time. This is fast and cost-effective and available for both the basic equipment used in efficient intra-company monitoring and the professional device for exact documentation.

      Thermal printer

  • Small, quick printer with light resistant thermal paper.
  • State of charge of the printer is shown in the display of the settlement measuring instrument. The actuation is performed automatically.
  • Document your measuring results directly at the site.
thermal printer for the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG, print out measuring values on the site easy and fast

      HMPtransfer App

  • For convenient data transfer via Bluetooth/Smartphone from the site directly to the office.

HMPtransfer APP - easy data transfer for Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG

      HMPreport software

  • Web-based Software for comfortable evaluation and processing of measured results.
    Add details regarding measuring point and take advantage of the clearly arranged user interface to create and archive representative A4 test protocols – anytime, anywhere.

HMPreport oftware, evaluation of measuring values, create professional test protocols

      HMPkurv Software

  • PC-Software for simple evaluation and processing of the measurement results and storage of the data in a database with convenient search and editing features on the PC.
HMPkurv PC-Software

      Transport cart

  • For comfortable transport of the Light Weight Deflectometer at the site to the corresponding measuring points – device and accessories are stored safely but still immediately ready for use.
  • Space saving foldable, small enough to fit into the trunk
Transport cart, foldable - accessories for Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG, Load plate, Light Weight

      Magnetic base plate

  • In order to put down the loading mechanism clean and safe.
  • In order to put down the loading mechanism clean and safe.
Magnetic base plate (left) - accessories for the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFGdas Leichte Fallgewichtsgerät HMP LFG, clean and safe loading mechanism of Drop Weight, Dynamic load plate

      Robust transport box

  • Wooden box for safe storage of device and its transportation
Robust transport box - accessories oft the Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG, box for loading mechanism load plate and case

      GPS - External Bluetooth-GPS-Receiver

  • Compatible with HMP LFG4, to proof the coordinates of the measuring point
External GPS-Receiver for older device models, localization of a measuring point, coordinates/map of bulding site/ construction zone

download prospectus HMP LFG  HMP LFG prospectus - download       play Video HMP LFGHave a look at the video.