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Static Plate Load Test by means of the HMP PDGpro

The handling of the Static Plate Load tester HMP PDG is comfortable and very user-friendly. The menu navigation is intuitive and easily understandable even without prior knowledge.

The measuring results can be printed out immediately on-site. The measuring point will be recorded by specifying the corresponding GPS data. The measured values can be exported via USB stick or cable for subsequent processing and protocol creation on tablet or PC. The comprehensive language selection and individual adjustment possibilities ensure a smooth communication for international operations.

Measuring procedure

Measuring procedure - Static Plate Load Test by means of the HMP PDGpro 1


  • mount and set up the measuring frame
  • fasten dial gauge and measuring head
  • place the pressure plate onto the test point, position the counterweight
  • mount the force transducer, thrust piece, cylinder and magnetic holder on it
  • connect hydraulic and automatic evaluation unit
Measuring procedure - Static Plate Load Test by means of the HMP PDGpro 2


  • switch on the evaluation unit, confirm measuring mode
  • follow the menu navigation in the display and so gradually load and unload
  • approach the nominal values one after the other by means of the hydraulic pump, hold and store
  • displaying the measuring values for the pressing and settlement after each measuring point
Measuring procedure - Static Plate Load Test by means of the HMP PDGpro 3


  • automatic calculation and displaying of Ev1, Ev2 and the ratio Ev2 / Ev1
    immediately after completion of the measurement
  • displaying the load settlement curve and GPS position
  • showing the individual loading stages and corresponding settlements
  • print out short protocol directly at the construction site
    and/or transfer measured values to PC in order to comfortably edit, complete, 
    archive these by means of the software HMPproplat

Comfortable menu navigation!

The menu navigation of the HMP PDGpro is very user-friendly. In order to perform the test, just follow the instructions in the display.

USB stick 4 GB incl. movie regarding application

New user? No problem, the movie on the supplied USB stick explains the test procedure within a few minutes - always available and quickly retrievable.

HMP LFGpro - USB stick incl. movie regarding application

HMP PDGpro video - Static Plate Load Test instruction

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