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Technical data & Scope of supply


Display unit with AUTOMATIC evaluation

logging and displaying of  stress, resolution 0,0001 MN/m² and settlement, resolution 0,01mm
robust, splash-proof, connection cable with high-quality binder plugs
graphic display, coloured, illuminated 56 x 73 mm
plausibility check
ast, efficient 32-bit processor
interface for USB, integrated GPS, Bluetooth
dimensions:  210 x 100 x 31 mm
internal storage capacity in measurement series 200
external storage capacity on 4GB USB stick 200.000
high-performance rechargeable LI polymer battery 3,7 V, 6300 mAh
menu navigation selectable in many languages

Measuring frame

three-point bearing with attachable contact arm and adjustable plate-shaped feet
dimensions:  2.320 x 570 x 420 mm (LxWxH),  weight: 12,5 kg,  material: aluminium, anodised

Loading mechanism

Hydraulic pump with tension cylinder for 100 kN tension force and 150 mm lift,
2 m high-pressure hose
1 set of hydraulic cylinder extensions pieces (attachable)
pressure plate with holding magnet and upper ball-and-socket-joint
load plate with handles and adjustable bubble level, diameter / plate thickness:300/25 mm

Force measurement

electrical force transducer 50kN (optional 100kN) complete with thrust piece and adapter

Path measurement

electronic dial gauge, measuring range 25 mm, resolution 0.01 mm, digital display,
degree of protection IP42

Measuring head

logging of force and path values and digital, interference-free transfer to measuring unit

USB stick incl. movie

regarding its application and instruction manual, 4 GB

HMP PDGpro Static Plate Load Tester - components


  • 2 years of HMP guarantee included
  • 10 years of spare parts availability guaranteed
  • competent all-round service - even after sale has been made!
  • certified production according toDIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • development and production within Germany
  • trained service and distribution partners in your vicinity

HMP Guarantee

Optional upgrade

Because of the modular construction you only buy, what is actually needed – basic equipment with manual evaluation or professional device for exact documentation. An upgrade or modification is possible at any time fast and cost-effective.

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